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🥇17 Years of Experience in The Multidisciplinary Design Industry | Lead Designer | Adobe Creative Suite Expert | Google Certified Digital Marketer | Meta Marketing Professional | Instructor

সব একাই করি কোন সমস্যা? 🐐
Graphic Design
UI/UX Design
Video Editing
Animation Design
Wordpress Customizing
Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimization

This is Md. Tanvir Alam Hira. Google Certified Digital Marketer in Bangladesh, Professional UI/UX in Bangladesh/Mentor since 2007


Sr. Product Designer at Globalwings, Sr.UI/UX Mentor at LearnFirst IT Institute, IT Consultant in Sunshine Consulting Firm in Somalia.


In my 10 years mentorship life, i have created 700+ top designers in Bangladesh. I can be your design graphic mentor

My Working Process

আমি খুবই অলস একজন মানুষ, কচ্ছপের মত কাজ করি🐢
  • 1. Research

    UX is to research before doing any perfect user friendly design.

  • 2. Design

    I am using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD and Figma for design.

  • 3. Testing

    Usabilty testing is to test the first demo by using human or AI.

  • 4. Finalize

    Finalize the design and deliver it to the client for the development.

    Most Popular Projects



    UI/UX Design Projects Completed


    Happy and Satisfied Customers


    Branding Design Completed


    Design Freelancer Created
    Logo Design, Branding Design, Stationary Design, Product Packaging and Label Design, Social Media Banner Design, Printing Banner Design

    Graphic Design

    Website Design, Mobile Application Design, Dashboard Design, Software Design, UX Research, Landing Page Design, Prototyping

    UI/UX Design

    2D/3D Product Design, 2D Toy Design, 2D Building Structure Design, Diagram Design, Infographic Design, 2D Interior Design, 3D Animation (Coming Soon)

    2D Product Design

    Video Editing, Video Advertisement, Video Animation

    Video Editing

    2D Animation, Cartoon Design, Animation Advertisement

    2D Animation

    Meta Ads, Campaign Design, Lead Collection, Sales Generation

    Meta Page Management

    Google Ads Campaign, YouTube Ads Campaign, Google Search Console, Google My Business Management

    Digital Marketing

    Google Rank Development, Keyword Generate, Content Writing, Backlink Generate, Website Speed Optimization

    Website SEO

    Wordpress Website Design, Development, Wordpress SEO, Elementor Design, Wordpress Issues solving Service

    WordPress Development

    My Portfolio.

    খুব কম কাজ হাতে নেই, আলহামদুলিল্লাহ কাজ ভাল ভাবে করে দেই, বাকি সময় টিভি দেখতে পছন্দ করি📺

    Meet The Team

    ওরা বলে, যে সব পারে, সে আসলে কিছুই পারেনা। আমি কিন্তু সব পারি😂

    My web design team will spend time with our digital marketing team.

    Product Designer and Video Editor

    My web design team will spend time with our digital marketing team.

    Digitar Marketing Analyst and SEO Expert

    My web design team will spend time with our digital marketing team.

    Wordpress Customizer

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    Learn professional UX design methods, straight from an online course. In this on-demand course, I will teach you to deliver great experiences by presenting a logical interaction flow, optimizing your application for the user, and more.You will get practical advice. Each week includes a new lesson, bringing you the essential techniques that will help you a lot.

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